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Post Traumatic Growth

Inspired Mom. Instagram Influencer Published Blogger. Podcaster.

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What is Love?

What is love? I don't know. Let's start with Haddaway because they had the same question and I just want this song stuck in your head:...

A Little Banged Up

I cut my own bangs. Here I'll point to my hack job. It did not bode well. (Except for the Instagram reel.) Thankfully my amazing stylist,...

Branched Not Broken

Let’s face it. With any kind of partner, they bring out a different version of us. My last love brought out a version of Meg that was not...

The Three Wise Women

We all know about the Three Wise Men. Let's talk about Three Wise Women. I've been told I'm too nice. I always thought that was a good...

Sam's Story

Sam. A good-looking single dad with a great job and a nice home. Women love him. Especially his former Kristen who couldn't seem to get...

CORE Strength

The engagement is off. As all of the "self-growth" books I've been reading, and the podcasts I've been listening to tell me, I don't owe...

Funk That

SMAD It's Wednesday night, and I'm in a funk. So I decided to do something differently this time and write down on a huge Staples...


It's 1:13am on January 1, 2021 - and seemingly nothing is different. I'm not sure what all the big hullabaloo was about. Yea, 2020's...

Just Fold It In

I love this line from "Schitt's Creek". It's become my book club's favorite gif throughout our text thread, and my own personal mantra...

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