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Post Traumatic Growth

Inspired Mom. Instagram Influencer Published Blogger. Podcaster.

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Branched Not Broken

Let’s face it. With any kind of partner, they bring out a different version of us. My last love brought out a version of Meg that was not...

The Three Wise Women

We all know about the Three Wise Men. Let's talk about Three Wise Women. I've been told I'm too nice. I always thought that was a good...

Sam's Story

Sam. A good-looking single dad with a great job and a nice home. Women love him. Especially his former Kristen who couldn't seem to get...

CORE Strength

The engagement is off. As all of the "self-growth" books I've been reading, and the podcasts I've been listening to tell me, I don't owe...

Funk That

SMAD It's Wednesday night, and I'm in a funk. So I decided to do something differently this time and write down on a huge Staples...


It's 1:13am on January 1, 2021 - and seemingly nothing is different. I'm not sure what all the big hullabaloo was about. Yea, 2020's...

Just Fold It In

I love this line from "Schitt's Creek". It's become my book club's favorite gif throughout our text thread, and my own personal mantra...

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